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in the heart of Tasmania
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Let me tell your love story..

In the heart of Tasmania ......

From the Mountains, to the Coastline and all the Valleys and Vineyards in between, I am your girl in Tassie to capture your romantic love story.  

I love everything about weddings, they are a life force for me. Seeing the looks on peoples faces, hearing their beautiful vows, noticing all their little nose crinkles, touches that may be felt but not seen by anyone else I capture them all and encapsulate your love in photographs for all eternity.  

Have a look around my website and my socials, get a feel for who I am and see if you want me to capture your love story x


Hey you! I'm Kristy, owner and photographer at Kristy L Photography thanks so much for finding me and creeping on my page to see if you want me to tell your love story x  


To put it simply I LOVE all love ...


    Romantic love, awkward love, quiet love, loud love, little love big love and all the love in between.


Everyone’s story is unique and I have the ability to climb into your love bubble and capture your essence as a couple. Whether it's for 20 minutes, 5 hours or anywhere in between I will capture you exactly as you are.


You could be the most romantic and affectionate lovers on the planet, or you can be so awkward and absolutely hate photos (Oh hey, that’s me also!)

I will always capture your love exactly as it is, imperfectly perfect.

A little about me

Kristy in Paris
not your average photographer
elopement photographer
bride eating pizza at glendale estate

How it all 


Read my "Am I your vibe section" make sure I'm for you!


You book with me-yay! Now the fun starts


Go over the event and what shots we want taken


Day of the event! It's here, TRUST ME and we will make it magical
"It is a profound honor as a photographer to witness two people falling in love"
– Jesh de Rox

Are you ready to do this together?

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