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A little about me

am I just a vibe or will we vibe?

Hello there you amazing human, I'm Kristy or K!

HOLD UP! BEFORE YOU GO CREEPIN THROUGH MY PORTFOLIO ......... .Am I your cup of tea-quila?

To make sure I am the right fit for your special day I will tell you a bit about myself! I'm a big energy kinda gal who loves a good laugh (snort), tells really bad dad jokes, laughs at them and helps you have a blast on your wedding day. If you swear, I will swear, sometimes by accident, sometimes to help lighten the mood. Having said that I’m also really good at reading people’s energy, so I can be quiet and respectful if it calls for it. I’ve been known not to take photos at particular times if I can sense that it's not what the person/couple is feeling at the time.  

No moments ever go unmissed, but I make sure that you are both present on your special day and enjoy it without feeling like it's just hours and hours of fake smiles. I’ve been told that I’m a calming presence if things don’t go to plan, I’m like an add on bridesmaid who will even floof your dress and make sure your hair is still pretty! I do give some direction, but the magic moments happen for me when you are just being yourselves and I have tricks up my sleeve to help make that happen.

Awkward couples who hate having their photos taken are my speciality because I’m a potato in front of the camera myself, so I get it! 


Fun fact about me...

Birds freak me out and I will probably squeal if they flap their flappy wings near me.

Rainy day weddings are my fave even though it means I have to wash my hair out of the usual schedule but that’s ok! Regardless of the weather though, I will capture your love. 


I love tequila, good champagne and whisky so feel free to share any of those with me on the day (wink wink).

I am carefree and easygoing, which means I really gel well with easygoing couples that trust me to capture their love story.  Most of the couples who I work with I meet 30 minutes before their wedding and we haven’t even spoken! It's my ability to read and connect with people’s energies that sets me apart and captures pure love and moments in the photos.

So like a bad tinder date, you won’t hear from me much (apart from the essential info) but rest assured I will be there on your wedding day ready to kick ass and capture your love in the most authentic way.

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These are a few of

my favorite things














Being a part of your special day, is my absolute favorite.

Past Lovers say.....

Don't even get me started on Kristy. I was initially worried about the photoshoot because of how awkward I usually am in photos, but she made the whole process a breeze, helped us feel comfortable and OMG the sneak photos she sent were amazing! The encapsulated the essence of Trinity and my relationship and I cannot stop looking at them. 


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